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  • fox_chairman -

    Replied to the thread HELP!!! i can't join.

    It happens to me to and I also bought the vip way back in 2017 Im trying to figure out how can I run the game without crashing
  • Demonic Crusader -

    Posted the thread HELP!!! i can't join.

    I wanna join the server again after a long time but i can't my minecraft closes when i try to go on the server i wanna play again do i need to be whitelistet i played for long tim on the server i also bought VIP what can i do to get on the server
  • gesygxd -

    Posted the thread i want to join!!!.

    hello members, can i get whitelisted my nick is gesygxd
  • gesygxd -

    Replied to the thread How to join.

    my name is gesygxd pls i want to play too :D
  • NoxSans -

    Now follows Fallen.

  • xx3igel3xx -

    Replied to the thread sup.

    Nope, i don't think so.