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  • davidlightbreez -

    Posted the thread server put me in a wall with no health!.

    the server timed out and when i joined back in i was inside a wall with 10 health instead of 3000.... and I WAS IN A WALL! well these two things ended up causing my death in some wall somewhere, and i no longer have my enchanted neth armour, yoru, food,…
  • davidlightbreez -

    Posted the thread dont put a yoru in an anvil.

    so i quickly found out that your game will 100% close if you try to put a yoru in an anvil. on top of this (for some reason i tried it twice) if you try to put it in a second time you will not only crash, but all your items will drop as well, becoming…
  • Simopard -

    Wrote a comment on xx3igel3xx’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    ey whats up been a while since we last talked to each other xd
  • morgan764 -

    Posted the thread Doriki will not rise.

    for some reason every time a reset happens, I go a few days without this problem happening, then after I die a few times it basically locks my doriki and now no matter how many enemies I kill it still wont rise. if anyone can help me that'd be most…