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  • Quote from noname: “Money is worthless If the server itself its not good , there's lots of things they could do to change the actual server but i guess they wont ” Its not bad, just getting worse because you and ur friends have ruined the servers economy.

  • I'm Sry....

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  • Asked Tom the other day and he said that Doflamingo is a event nick.

  • simopard grief my base 2017 proof

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    Quote from Pandzer: “Quote from xx3igel3xx: “Pandzer your post is very positive! I hope u'll be supporter! ” they already said that they were not gonna accept anymore people, every single staff on the server is un-dedicated, un-proffessional and really bad. Its my honest opinion ” thanks lol

  • Why am i fucking banned??

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    Quote from StefanAufEntzug: “who the fuck is vali ? Greetings, ” They are a wannabe hacker group xd having a "blackmarket" on the server, and vali are the leader.

  • Great idea! Support!

  • Application as a Builder!

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    Nice! I have seen you in team before, and i think you have what it takes But i'd really like some more pics if its possible. From what ive seen in your application i'd say that you have the qualities of becoming one. But im not the one who decides that you will join the team :p But i can make an impact on you joining us! I support this application, only thing i want is more pictures. Good Luck

  • Quote from xLuckyLuke: “Luxiflakes, its hard for me.. ehm I try to get those pictures ! ” Alright Hopefully i get to see ur work from somewhere. Good Luck anyways

  • Why am i fucking banned??

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    Dude, u have brung alot of negativity to the server, for almost a year now... We know your connections with vali too. And we know how you guys play the game (NOT LEGIT). We have given you MANY chances, but you just mess them up each time.

  • Quote from xLuckyLuke: “Ehm.. Kuma said to me that he will show you some of those creations ! Because we build together on a One Piece world over..6 months and he got the worlds with my creations! ” Well, is it possible that you upload pics here? Would be alot more easier for all of the staff and players to see your work! It is a must to have pictures on a builder/designer application.

  • Hey! To make this post valid you must upload at least 4 pictures of diffrent buildings! We really want a picture of world edit creations too!

  • Quote from toni_extream_PT: “Dear Panda about that thing that u siad in my aplication U wont tolerate what dude dont try to know everything first I didint did truble secont I only sweared to luxi becuse Iwas very stressed and I was getting truble helping the server and I had a lot of things to do and u must focuse in whats importand helping and work to the server not saying that sort of things in others aplicaton be a man dont be a kid focus in whats importand here and if I m not a helper I will…

  • Make me Whitelist plese

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    Whitelist will soon be removed. Please be patient

  • The whitelist will be removed soon, just be patient! play other games or something until the whitelist is removed thats the only way time goes fast

  • Sorry, It is currently whitelisted due to some players that have been cheating. Whitelist were enabled so staff could remove anything these cheaters had. Please be patient until everything is solved!

  • You had my support until you started swearing at me and disrespecting me. Thats enough to make you lose a vote for you as a staff member. I personally don't support you, but i wish you good luck.

  • I think poodis has everything of what it takes to be a supporter! Every1 knows poodis as a weirdo, but i have seen his good sides too, and if we take him seriously then hes being serious too. Hes a really supportive player and he knows just as much as i do about the server (everything). btw he is just being a weirdo to his closest friends xD Hes been supporting alot of player, given them chances in pvp xD and i think he has all the qualities it takes! You got my support poodis

  • So far as ive seen i think panda has showed a really positive side of himself to other players, hes also one of my close friends. I know panda and ive known him for a while now and i think he has the qualities that it takes to become a helper/navigator. I have seen him help many players and think the jobs suits him very well! I SUPPORT YOU PANDA!

  • MoNsTeR_2014's Abuse as a staff!

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    Post So monster has put all these op items in his home and plot, i moved it all to my plot so its safe until an admin comes to take it. If you dont believe that he did it ask anyone. People who helped: Me, FraughtPanda, Simopard, PPan42. We all gathered stuff so the admin could take it and we saved it on my plot so its safe. Players under suspicion: LoganSkull16 (He was on the drop place, but havent put anything in the chest at my plot) I hope the staff will …