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  • So hi im shadow also known as zoro on the server.I recently started playing and i realized something was missing from my character so i searched google and i found this awsome mod called battlegear 2 (heres the link…ler-for-minecraft-1-7-10/) it adds many features such as two handed gameplay new weapons such as muskets and armor. I think this mod would evolve the level of the modpack for players who want to have things based on the anime. TY FOR READING

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    so hi im ShadowDragonGR third division of the blackbeardpirates and i want to ask about a manner of buying a rank. Today i got the money to get the rank but i realized i cant use my mastercard.I could use a paysafe but im greek so my paysafecars may not work for german so i would like to ask you to add a mastercard thing or if ya accept the paysafes i get i am fine with it.i know im just a player but pls help me i really like your server and i want to get a rank for myself and to support you in …