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  • Doriki will not rise

    morgan764 - - Others


    for some reason every time a reset happens, I go a few days without this problem happening, then after I die a few times it basically locks my doriki and now no matter how many enemies I kill it still wont rise. if anyone can help me that'd be most appreciated

  • i had this problem before the server restarted and for some reason it came back. i can only gain doriki from fighting alvida. all of the other enemies for some reason dont give me anyting. if someone could fix it i would be most grateful as i dont know why this is happening

  • in my opinion it should be raised because by the time you actually get a devil fruit, your more than likely going to die the minute you get it, and another problem is that most of the fruits that are the most wanted are in pvp areas, and even with the maximum doriki its almost impossible to kill a boss. so i dont see why people fear players getting a fruit early on. wouldnt that make it more fun to play. because it might become a chore to people who only are on for a few hours a day, and the onl…

  • in my opinion the percentage of which you get a devil fruit after killing an npc that has one should be brought up. the reason is that i myself and many others defeat the npcs tons of times and still all we get is either armor, coins, or just food, and even on some occasions, nothing. and what im proposing is not something like bringing it up to 100% despite the fact that in the anime, when a person who had a devil fruit dies, the fruits powers get put into another fruit nearby unless taken by t…

  • actually its fixed now, i think someone from the site, an admin mabye. fixed it. either that or it just was a bug like you said and it went away. thanks for the responce though. in fact i think im at the maximum doriki. thanks for the help though.

  • for some reason i keep jumping from being a marine fishman to a human pirate and my doriki wont rise whatsoever, ive tried shutting off minecraft and turning it back on with no luck, its kinda hard to train to become stronger when the doriki wont rise past 1370, at some points i actually had 6,000 before it dropped to zero and went right back to 1370. any help would be great. (if a profile reset is needed then please let me know because i wanted to change my rank to become a revolutionary). any …