Helper Application 0% chance

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    • Helper Application 0% chance

      Hello, I am Spebee and I will be giving you a helper application.

      Experiences: I was a Helper on Tj's server then within a week he knew I had amazing ideas that soon approved the server by over 50% promoted me to Head-Admin, which I then quit because there rule system was too confusing and messed up. I have been playing Technic modpacks for over 2 years, and have been playing minecraft for 4 1/2 years maybe more. I have gotten a lot of responsibility in the server, for instance, Monkey_D_Draco an old member, gave me a task to get 12 logias in one week, I surpassed that standard and succeeded with 15 logias by the end of the week, I know that doesn't show too much initiative into becoming a staff but it does show I am hard-working.

      Age: 11 Almost 12, many staff said I have a 0% chance because of my age and many players said I have a 0% chance because of my temper, which I do agree with, I have a temper. But if someone tells me exactly what to do in situations with people cursing at me and such I will hopefully succeed. Tj's server was messed up because all the staff told me to give someone a warning then mute them which I did, but I muted Tj's friend who was excessively cursing at me. Then he crossed the line by cursing and insulting all of the staff performances so I muted him again. Then after that he broke 2 different rules (safezone hitting and disrespecting staff) and he got banned for one day. On ThePirateAge I don't know the system but when I do I hope to be as good as a staff as WillyBoyHD.

      Stance: My stance on the staff is that a lot of the time the staff waste there time by arguing with players (I will not lie I do argue with staff frequently). Also, I think that staff should listen to the players more often, for example earlier today a player was trying to get a staff members attention and it took the staff over 15 minutes to reply back over a simple question. I think that the staff should be more active and I think there are a few staff that should be taken there position away. There is a staff I forgot his name that has been inactive for a month and a half and nobody has said anything about it, so why should he be staff if he doesn't do anything?

      Relation: After a long talk with one of the owners WillyBoyHD about not doing much for the server and not being active enough, I finally realized that when WillyBoyHD is on he does a lot of work that I did not see, (I still think he is not active enough but when he is on he does a lot of good work for the server). I have a good solid relationship with the rest of the staff except there has been a few problems with a staff member named LuxiFlakes but I do hope to one day become friends with him and see what kind of work he does.

      Why I should still be staff because of my age: My age does effect my intelligence, but it does not effect the time and work I would put into being Helper. Many people underestimate me because of my age but I go to one of the top middle/high schools in New York and I have a very high average. Being young also helps me have a flexible scedule, most staff are over 18 so they can barely play because of high school, work etc, I do have a job but its not full time (I'd rather not speak of my job because people think weirdly about me when I speak of it). So I think being young will help me be a better staff, and we all have to start somewhere huh ;)

      Why do I want to be staff: I want to be staff because I love helping people, my mom helps people for a living and I think I inherited it. I always see new players who have no idea what to do and half the time I am busy, but if I become Helper I will 100% make 100% time for all new players. I also see many conflicts on the server that make people quit, but staff can fix that by getting involved, many times when someone betrays/kills another person they get mad and start cursing at each other but I think you should maybe make 0% tolerance for hostile cursing at a fellow player and maybe even make it a jail punishment.

      Relationship with players: Most players I have a good solid relation ship with most players, but a few players dislike me, but I do not think that will effect my job performance.

      Conclusion: Well, this is my application, I know I have probably LESS then a 0% chance because of my age and my relationship between LuxiFlakes, but I really hope to become staff
      and I think I would be an amazing addition to the staff team. I hope you all had enough time to read this, have a nice day and get back to me asap. Bye :) :P

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    • By the way, just so you know I want this position so badly, if I don't get it I will make applications 10x bigger then this and 10x better, I will get more experience and more management. I will try everyday. I need this position. Everyone says I have a 0% chance but I think thats b.s I think there is a chance and even if there is a 0.1% chance I will keep trying. I can be very persistent.