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      (Before you read this, this is my unbiased opinion and probably half the server) I have been on this server for 2 months, I am obviously hated by a few players, I am obviously liked by a few players, I have betrayed, allied and more. Boss, he is different, players love him, he helps so much, he is very active, he almost always answers to peoples questions, he doesn't betray, I have betrayed Boss_Atong 3 times, he has forgiven me 3 times, he is forgiving, not harsh AT ALL, he deserves Admin. I might not be the most intelligent guy by a long shot, I might not be the nicest or trust worthy guy, but this time I AM right, I am more sure about this more then anything in my life, Boss should be admin. No offense to the admin, but the admin are on once every 1-3 weeks. Yes I know you all have families, work and other things to deal with beside some stupid game, but Boss, he is young, intelligent and obviously kind. I don't care what anyone says, he is the most helpful, trustworthy guy I have ever met, (I had a lot of screwed up friends in my past) and a lot of people agree with me, if we have a petition for Boss to be admin and it would have to be 300 or higher, we could double it.

      He always offers to help out people, even people he dislikes he throws away his opinion and only helps them, when Boss was mad at me for leaving his faction, he still helped me and answered my questions, and if that isn't nice then what is? Our service and instructions for starters is terrible, but Boss helps players stay on and have a great time! Players have no Idea what to do when they first join, but Boss instructs them on what to do and what is the best way to do or get something. He answers questions imediatly and he double tasks everything, he answers multiple questions at once, people throw so many questions at him and building assignments, but he always finds a way to exceed in all the standards, I don't know how he does it, but he's just amazing.