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    • Builder Application

      1: About me- My name is Luis, my name in game is SmirnOffVodka I am 16 years old and I live in Puerto Rico and I play The Pirate Age regularly

      2: Why I want to be a builder?- I would like to be a builder because I am a MEGA One Piece fan and I love making/building One Piece related things. And I feel that in this server I can be a lot of help.

      3: Strengths and weaknesses-
      .Able to work in a team
      .Able to relate with other people

      .Get tired a lot
      .I try to make the buildings way too perfect and I count that as a weakness for the fact that it could make the build time longer
      .Busy with school a lot

      4: Reference- Well I have a skype which you can contact and I can show my works.
      Skype- martinezluis462

      Thank you very much for reading my application

      Yours Faithfully, SmirnOffVodka/Luis Martinez

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