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      1. Crate System (Buy crates online for a given amount)
      2. 3-5 Main Quests (A few main quests that take a while to beat and logias can't even beat them, they reward greatly with money and items)
      3. More Staff (Getting perspectives from players will always be useful, but you also need staff that you can 100% trust for perspectives, because players won't always be trustworthy, choose staff that are active though too)
      4. Motivations (This isn't specific, but there should be maybe more motivations to donate and to play more, for example he calendar idea was amazing to keep people active)
      5. Build! (You need to build more, you need to make a new spawn, the spawn is amazing it's just that since you are going to input a quest and tutorial system, you need to have a more open and more of a open space in spawn to have the tutorial and maybe you can put the Training Island in spawn to save time and to have the training and beginning quests access easier)
      6. Advertisement (After you finish perfecting the buildings and quests, start max-advertising, you have over 500k runs so that is a start, but you need a very popular youtuber to play, no one with less than 2,000 subscribers, you need sharks not fish)

      I'll be on hopefully and almost everyday so if you have questions, just ask me directly on The Pirate Age because I most likely won't reply if you message me on here, THANKS!