Application to become builder

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    • Application to become builder

      Hi i'm SpaceJ98, i write this this because i'd like to become builder :)

      1. About me:

      Im 16 years old and I live in Italy.
      Im kind and a hard working boy .
      I like to build expecially house or building

      Here there's a house that i've built in a prison server for a friend i hope it like you.

      I'd like to become a builder because i really like this server and the idea to be in the one piece world so i'd like to bring in this server something mine.
      Build in this game is the thing that i do better than the other so i've decided to try make this app XD
      I hope that this app and the house like you, if you want to see other building or that i build for you something please contact me at:

      Skype: lorenzo69404 ( better in chat because i don't talk very well english)
      Server: SpaceJ98 ( i'm online usually after 18/19 pm )

      Thanks for you're time, see'll you online :)