Admin or Helper or Mod Application

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    • Admin or Helper or Mod Application

      Hello my name is Michael and I would apply to be an Admin or Mod Or Helper because I would love to help the server out more and the people iam always online for my time I live in Mongolia Iam In a different time then the other but I help other people also sometime farming bosses for them and giving them advice and swords and sometimes Iam rude but I apologize afterwards I've been on the server for a long time so I know a lot of the server now Iam just farming coins DFs armor weps so I can have spares for people that lost their stuff I have lost my stuff many times but the first time I was on the server Deadshot helped so much at the beginning and if ur reading this thnk u and so I wish that the admins or mod or helper or architect or navigator or builder or the owners of the server I hope that u guys will read this application and accept it so I can help the server and the people my Minecraft name is Michal2059 so if ur reading this thnk u for your time :) also Iam not a very good builder but I will try to help the server as much as I can so if u accept my application thnk u and if the higher ups on the server communicate with Skype mine is Micheal M

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