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    • Builder Application

      Hello my name is Michael Iam from Mongolia I've been Playing on the server For about a year and I would like to apply to become a Builder
      I have experience of being a builder I was an admin and helper and builder for a server that has shut down people say that Iam a good builder
      But I don't any confidence in myself I don't think Iam sometimes because Iam don't a lot of creativity Iam just good at building how people describe it but I lack of creativity I can just build thing how people describe it and on the server it says u guys are looking for Builders and I would like to help the server and make the players experience what it's like to be in One piece and u guys are currently making Dressrosa and Saobody Archapeligo and probably Skypia and I hope u accept my application and if you decline then Thank you for your time and I do have Skype Mine is tskhantushig as Micheal M and so And I sometime Rage when I die and Lose my stuff I get a little angry (i mean I turn into the Hulk) but I get over it and I don't like PVP and Iam not good at it and so I really do hope you accept my application and my Minecraft username is Michal2059