bring the chance to get a devil fruit up after defeating a boss npc

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    • bring the chance to get a devil fruit up after defeating a boss npc

      in my opinion the percentage of which you get a devil fruit after killing an npc that has one should be brought up. the reason is that i myself and many others defeat the npcs tons of times and still all we get is either armor, coins, or just food, and even on some occasions, nothing. and what im proposing is not something like bringing it up to 100% despite the fact that in the anime, when a person who had a devil fruit dies, the fruits powers get put into another fruit nearby unless taken by the yami yami's powers. What im proposing is that it should be between 10-20% chance to at least make it a little easier to get but still make it hard. that or bring the price of devil fruits down or have the coins appear more frequently, only because most of the bosses are impossible to beat without full armor and a group of 2 or more people.

      thanks for reading this and i hope that the idea might be incorperated in the near future.
    • Sry but it's better how it is at the moment, because:

      -It shouldn't be easy for starters to get one so that's why the dp chance is around 2-3%
      -It makes farming df's way to easy

      It used to be even harder to get one btw.

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    • in my opinion it should be raised because by the time you actually get a devil fruit, your more than likely going to die the minute you get it, and another problem is that most of the fruits that are the most wanted are in pvp areas, and even with the maximum doriki its almost impossible to kill a boss. so i dont see why people fear players getting a fruit early on. wouldnt that make it more fun to play. because it might become a chore to people who only are on for a few hours a day, and the only other option is voting, but still the problem remains that in the pvp + pve areas. nobody even asks if you want to fight them, they just instantly kill you, or like a problem i had a year ago was somebody teleported me into a pvp area then killed me.

      all im asking is raise it to atleast the drop % of the bronze coin if not 10% because in my case, ive killed smoker hundreds of times, and every time i get nothing.

      thanks for reading this. i like this server its just i wanted to see if they could fix this. thanks