The Best Suggestion Ever

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    • The Best Suggestion Ever

      Ok Here is my Genius Idea. Here are the steps to make it.

      Step 1: Find a HUGE Ocean
      Step 2: Use world edit to make a COLOSSAL DOME!
      Step 3: Make one big island
      Step 4: use world edit to copy paste it all over the ocean
      Step 5: Make one of the 50 islands (Leave the islands empty)

      There are two ways you could go about this.
      OPTION 1:
      Make one of the fifty islands raftel

      Option 2:
      Make one of the fifty islands a transporter to the grand line
      Then Redo the steps again and name the ocean "Grand Line"
      Make one island in the Grand Line lead to The New world
      Do the same steps but make step 5 have 100 islands max. and one island in it be Raftel where you could find the One Piece!

      Also, i didn't mention i would hope you would enable building so players could make their own bases on the empty islands or even make their own cities and also be able to m ake their own ships. marines can make marine bases, Revolutionaries can make their bases, cp-0 can make their own base, and pirates can make their pirate ships.

      Overall my idea is to make an area where people could set sail and become pirate crews! It'd Give the server alot more things to do other than repeatedly fighting bosses over and over again.

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