Michal2059 Builder Application

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    • Michal2059 Builder Application

      Hello My Name is Michael My IGN Michal2059 Im 14 years Old and im From Mongolia Iam Applying to Become a Builder On the server and the reason why i want to become a builder on the server is because i heard that the server needs builder to help with builds so can the restart can happen and i think i can build idk-ish when i build i think of the backstory idk if thats good or bad

      My strength is i easily become determined and i full fill Orders Efficiently
      My weaknesses are i Overthink everything i do and there are other thing that i cant remember

      Ive played on the for a long time that ive grown fond to and i know how to use world edit and other stuff except Redstone i play on the server mostly everyday and during the summer ill sure that ill spend my time on the server i want to support the server but i cant buy anything from the server so this is the only way i think i can support the server
      and i dont know what else to write in this application and ill put 3 builds and if its not enough i can add more when i finish building some stuff and thank you for reading this

      and in the ice build idk what i did in that i had the idea it came different than i thought sorry

      the fourth build the orange stuff thats fire and lava
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