Navigator/Helper rank for FraughtPanda!

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    • Navigator/Helper rank for FraughtPanda!

      In-Game Name :

      My name in the One Piece Pirate Age server is "FraughtPanda".

      Age :

      I just turned 16 happily on April 22nd.

      What I would like to pursue with the forum supporter rank :

      As a forum-supporter, I'll be very active on the forums to help people who really need it. I can tell them their rights and wrongs and what they need to fix to make it perfect. Hence, I will be on the game as well to assist people who need it. For example, a corrupted chunk. I can help people who get stuck in it and make things perfect for them. I can also help people with questions that they need answers for and I can assist them if they struggle with such things like mods.

      Why do you want this rank?

      I really want this rank because it means something. So people know I am there to assist them for whatever they need. I have always had this thing in me that made me love people and love helping them. Many hackers get on the server and destroy people's mood. They ruin the server and the game for other people. The person would usually quit because he has had enough of that hacker. I will be here to stop that person from destroying people's moods so everyone can enjoy themselves while playing on the wonderful one piece pirate age server. I have already been staff multiple times and I was successful without any problems. Hopefully, I get to have another try at being staff with this wonderful community that's with me to support me everyday.

      Strengths :
      - Helping people successfully
      - Smart with mods and stuff in-game.
      - On the game at least once EVERYDAY.
      - Barely gets mad and always cool with everything that happens unless its major.

      A few things about me :

      Hello, My name is FraughtPanda. I usually get called panda, fraught and whatever is fine for me. I am a 16 year old boy, born April 22nd, 2001. I live in Australia so I am opened at different time to other people in the wonderful community. Australia is a wonderful and safe environment for me, so I can go on when ever I want which is at least once everyday. I can put in many hours in the server to provide supervision on players so the community stays safe and nice. The reason I am applying for forum-supporter is because this type of server is perfect for me. I personally know this server is going to be very successful. It has many players on it that are happy and delighted with this environment. The reason I applied is because I want to help this server grow stronger and get better with more people that are on the server happy enjoying themselves.