Anyway I can Help?

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    • Anyway I can Help?

      Greeting ThePirateAge, I was wondering if there was anything I could help with for the forums or server. Let me give you a little background about myself first:

      Minecraft User: NamiTheNavigator
      Past Experiences with Servers: Trail-Mod (2 weeks), Mod (3-6 Months), Admin (2+ Years), Co-Owner (2+ years) I worked for 3 different customly modded servers owned by the same person. I know a thing or two about the backside of forums and such as well. Out of no offense to anyone on the forum, but I notice a lot of things that could be improved on, like the shop and basic typos within main posts on the forum. I am not a child so do not take me as someone trying to get extra permissions, I haven't even seen the server yet. My age is 24 years old.

      If you are interested in what I may be able to offer ThePirateAge, feel free to contact me. Once again, this is only an offer, I do not wish to cause harm.