Helper Rank (server)

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    • Helper Rank (server)

      In Game Name:
      The_Fallen_Army (Nickname: Killer)


      Total play time:
      2 years and 6 months

      Why do i want to become Helper?:
      The reason why I want to become helper is to be able to help any players with problems so that admins can stick to adding new things to the server and fixing the server if needed. I am very eager to help in anyway possible. I also see people with duped items which i really want to figure out how they got them and put a stop to it so that everyone can play the server fair and there would be no disadvantages in progress and PvP. The main reason i would love to be come helper is so i can give back to the players with help and the support they need to ensure they're well satisfied and can play the server problem free.

      How i will help players out?:
      I will address the player in a calm and friendly manner and ask what is the problem or the questions they have and do my best to resolve them. I will never get violent towards the player. I will ensure that I put in all the effort i can into solving the problem. I will always keep in mind that players will try and lie into getting free items and i ensure that will never happen. I also vow to never give away any items nor troll or abuse with my permissions. The first thing i would do to help a player out to find the source of the problem and how i can help which could either be item lost to payment issues no matter what the problem is i will fix it to the best i can.

      What will i bring to the community?:
      I will bring a positive and friendly atmosphere to all players to ensure their entertainment and tranquillity. I would also bring dedication and determination when it comes to solving problems such as lost items or bugs. I am also a great team player so I would also offer help to my fellow staff if they're in need also I am very good at interdependent work so I will not need to rely on other staff to get problems sorted and i would never turn my back on anyone. I have Strong Communication so I will always listen to problems or other staff members tell me what needs to be done. I am also a reasonable person so if there's a problem between 2 players I will give warnings to make sure the problems do not carry on and i will be fair and listen to both sides before thing about what needs to be done. I do like to have a joke every now and then but i can get serious when it is needed.

      Do i have any experience?:
      Yes I do, I've owned 2 faction servers under name of "HavocFactions" where i sorted out Rules, Plugins and keeping the server secure and a positive environment also an admin on a friend's server and a moderator on a vanilla server Called QueeryMc to support people with their problems either irl or game by getting to know them and trying my best to sort them out.

      I work well under pressure
      I am great in a team
      eager to help
      Serious (When needed)

      I have IED which stands for Intermittent explosive disorder So there could be some times where i would have to take a break if there is a player arguing with me to stop me from being violent towards them. I can control it to a certain extent.

      I wish to be on the team to help each and everyone of you out in any problems you have :thumbsup: .

      Make fun of my crew and i will ensure i'll laugh with you :3

      Co-leader of StrawHatPirates

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    • man what a meme. fallen i wont +1 you unless you scream in teamspeak "FUCKING NORMIESS REEEEE"

      edit - i didnt read it all since im lazy

      edit v2 - he said fucking normies reeeee
      indian guy from cartoon network

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