More Devilfruits

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    • its not about the fruit being OP its about how the fruit is used the problem with the invis fruit is you can turn others invis and be ambushed at any point i mean yes its a pirate server and it shouldnt matter how or what dirty tricks you use to kill someone but alot of the devil fruits make the game unfun because people abuse and abuse the powers so people want to stop playing and alot of the other fruits can greif and destroy protected blocks personally i would like flying fruits back but when they was around they was abused way too much it was fun flying maybe a no flying pvp area should be made so that people who like the flying fruits should be able to go to fly fruit enabled areas theres honestly not alot to do on the server as all it consists of is killing bosses getting a fruit and then killing players til you die with that fruit and starting over i miss the ship building mod and i miss exploring the ocean to find new islands i would prefer it being an adventure not just being able to teleport everywhere
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