Builder application

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    • Builder application

      it´s me Schamarti. I want the Builder application for building Whole Cake Island with Evann971. My skill in building are soso but I get better and better.

      About me:
      I <3 helping other guys and love it to make Armours Workshopskins for other players(ask poodis,XCottonSpudzx,...). Im nice to other people and when they wants help then i will help them. I´m a creative person, I´m a bit good in making armours workshop things and making Npcs.

      What I rlly want:

      I want to help other, in the moment i want to help Evann971 at Whole Cake then i think to build this alone is hard. I can mostly help him by making Npcs, Armours Workshopskins and building little details.

      Sry for my English skills, I´m german so sorry about this!

      Schamarti :3