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    • Hi guys I am it. The noob who have no internet cuz Telekom.

      Ik it's childish and dumb but I looked in my Screenshot folder from the modpack and I saw me with Shanks nick and the old server, the mf the old spawn and was still before to cry a little little bit. Ik that the new mf and dressrosa and the other new islands was hard work but I miss the old feeling.

      I remembered the time with my old friends. I have to say the new server is good but shit too. The old server with the old mods was the best, everytime fun. All enjoyed the fly pvp. Got it? The new mods=that much dupe ways. On the old server it gave not much 1 or 2 ways I think. No wonder that I am a pussy and don't make pvp. On the old server you got such easy a df it was too easy the staff team said. Wow! On the old server was dying with moku other logia like 5 minutes. You was able to make so much pvp you wanted. On the new server with a logia it is like 1mil hours of farming scrolls.

      Bring back the old one it was the best one!


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    • I do agree and getting a Logia as a vip takes so much time now and it kind of not worth it but i like the new server too because it's a refreshing site and a new places to go to and more bosses to kill. I know for a fact that all staff worked long and hard on the server and i enjoy it. Also i believe flying logia's were removed because of the pvp being bullshit and annoying to people without logias but there's probably a way to work around it such as have flying automatically disabling when you either hit a playing or engage in pvp. But what ever happens to the server i'll stand by it :)
      Make fun of my crew and i will ensure i'll laugh with you :3

      Co-leader of StrawHatPirates
    • i agree too.before reset losing a logia was like losing 1 gold coin now.Fly pvp with morphs wa so troll and fun.
      Back then no lvl shit there were no banned dfs(some moves were banned ofc)
      We had coins for each category of dfs and zoans were not banned
      bosses had a chance of dropping a df too.
      i miss the old server so much
      i m thinking about quitting too.
      Staff Please make something happen
      you are losing alot of players,and this server is dying.
    • To be honest with you , I would also like the old way of having devil fruits but I don't have the right to put it all back as before, the only ones who can decide to make such a huge change would be Tom or Willy , especially as we do this we have to remove the whole ranking system .

      ps : there was an other very big problem with flying df , u was able to fly with a cheat with like "no care babys" and And if we had to keep the fruit there was going to be a too big difference with warlord(and more) and other players