Noblesse_ Builder Application

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    • Noblesse_ Builder Application

      IGN: Noblesse_
      Nickname: Zeus

      Age: I am currently 19

      Why Do You Want To Be A Builder?:

      The reason i would like to apply for the rank of builder even tho the server may or may not be currently accepting/looking for builders i would just like to make myself an option. I would like to become a builder on ThePirateAge is because i love OnePiece and i really like the server and most of the people who are currently playing on the server and i would like to help the server with whatever i can and what i'm decent at such as building.

      How Active Can You Be:
      for the amount of hours i would be able to be on it would vary since my job i dont know if i will be called in Early the next day or later in the night but i can give at least 2-3 hours a couple days a week.

      What Are My Strengths:
      - I'm Decent at Asian Style and Medieval Builds
      - I'm Pretty Flexible such as i can change my style depending on what needs built.
      - I can use Worldedit and Voxelsniper well

      What Are My Weaknesses:
      - I suck at Interior design
      - Since i live in Australia group builds or any group builds depending on the time i may not be able to attend

      PS: Thank you for reading and maybe considering my application, Also i sent my Pictures to R3tt0 Since he asks but i will also post them here.
      • 2015-12-20_18.52.08.png

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      • Former- [Member of The Marines]
      • Rank: Former- Vice-Admiral

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