Multiple Concerns

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    • Multiple Concerns

      1.) The server lag is really bad sometimes (or maybe its just bad in general)

      I honestly have no idea why but right now everything seems fine until I start fighting mobs. Then the server just times me out for some reason. This issue is so bad to the point that some of us literally cannot even play on the server sometimes. I confirmed that this is a server side issue and not my internet because all other servers (even ones in german) seem to work just fine. Other times though the server seems to do well and I honestly don't know how you guys will fix it. (Maybe more server restarts? Every 4 hours?). It's not just me too, other people keep leaving and rejoining the server every 7-10 minutes or so. If money is the issue I'm willing to donate a bit more than just the vip cost for a better host or a better plan for the server because honestly I'm really enjoying the server so far and its such a shame that the server side lag is ruining a lot of people's experiences.

      2.) Playing on the server is not beginner friendly.

      New players (such as myself, although Im quite self-sufficient now), are practically unable to progress their characters by themselves and must rely on others for help. That maybe because I'm not that knowledgeable about the server, in that case, that just means that the information system in the game needs to be improved e.g. the tutorial and progression. For instance, a player may not really know about the mine mine no mi mod, it might be best for the server development team to provide a tutorial instead of other people teaching every single new player how to get stronger and progress. That will also get the server more players as more of them are given an incentive to stay which is seeing their character progress.

      3.) Provide a better quest system

      I don't mean the way quests work, I am saying that the quests are kind of disjointed, there is no story to follow. New players often are stuck in spawn (Dressrosa) and farming mobs and bosses there which gets super repetitive. Sure they may explore the grand line but their journey is most often just exploring, if that is the intention then it's bad. I don't mean to offend. If the goal is to immerse the player in the One Piece world then shouldn't their be at least an island progression system? Like a quest to build your first boat, then set sail to this island, complete a bunch of quests there then move on?

      Overall the server could use a lot of improvement in terms of gameplay and connectivity, if the above concerns are fixed then we would see a lot more players stay on the server instead of quitting almost immediately.

      - "D. Captain" Captain of the WAISmen Pirates

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