"A fatal error has occured"

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    • "A fatal error has occured"

      I've been wanting to play on the one piece server for about 3 days now- and I've been facing this problem with my connection. It's never happened before when I played before, It happened after I lost connection on my boat (while driving) I think this might be the problem but when I was trying to find a way to fix it, it said something about deleting mods; I thought it'd just ruin the whole mod pack so I came on here to ask for some advice from you guys! I really hope you guys can help me soon, I've been really sad that I can't hangout with you guys on the server.

      I haven't got a lot of help from the people I asked, so I'm gonna put it on the forum where everyone can see it, so maybe someone can help me.

      What popped up: gyazo.com/52938001aafa62000bf08dbe03c8e925