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    • Hello my name is XeroZon or Xero

      I am 14 I hope you look over this since I understand why the age restriction is there so you don't have young people but I hope you consider me since I am mature for my age and I don't do stupid things. :)

      I think I should become staff because I always see people asking what do do how do fix the flashing items all though most questions could easily be answered on the forums but most people either don't know about the forums or just don't bother. Things I know about the server good ways to train, good ways to get started, I wont just give them the obvious "/spawn talk to kuma and go to temp fix then training" because if your new that well just make you not want to play since your die there over and over I would say just play normal mc kill mobs to get more hp Ex I think that would be easier then going to training if your a low level since training mobs are pretty strong.

      Reasons you should pick me

      1.I have a lot of experience since I own my own server. And have been Builder/Helper on another.

      2.I am on from 3:30PM Central to 11PM Central.

      3.I use a 3 step system 1.Warn 2.Mute 5 Mins 3.Jail 10 Mins and if it continues I either contact I hire up that's on or Msg One.

      4.I well under no circumstance Jail/Mute for no reason.

      5.I am humorous when its needed.

      6.I have played here since before Boss_Atong/Bet_Log was staff so about 6/7 months don't know for sure just a long time.

      7.I treat everyone equal just cause there a higher rank (not referring to staff).

      So I hope you like my app - XeroZon
      - XeroZon