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  • dracodcomet -

    Just incase any1 was worried no I'm not quiting the server lol I'm just a little busy ill still be active :D

  • juantheblock -

    no nerd
    you suck oh and this is what tnt said exactly
    ";_; I LOWKEY ONLY TALKED TO HIM ONCE" kek draco she aint care if you miss her

  • LeeFrX -


  • Mr_Creepier -

    If you Request a bounty we do tests to determine the amount so make sure to come to us for it, and also When getting the Bounty of a Player you receive the Cash that there Bounty was worth, and if you would like to help out in our Fun Creation come talk to Draco or I about joining in, Thanks!

  • dracodcomet -

    Me and Mr_Creepier have set up a custom bounty system to see bounty wall go to the coordinates -1100 -750
    to retrieve bounty reward and bounty increase u must send a screenshot of them at very low health or that u have slain them if u have any questions u can contact me here or I game thx :D

  • dracodcomet -

    hey guys it me dracodcomet of the dracopirates